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Mole Removal Information

How to get rid of moles in my yard?!?!?  Are moles destroying your beautiful, healthy lawn?  You have found the right company! Let the Mole Whisperer solve your problem by trapping and removing the moles.

Mole Trapping is the only real solution. Poisons worms are a common home-owner solution pushed by hardware and big-box stores, BUT keep in mind, poison worms are simply not a solution to ridding your lawn of moles. More importantly they are dangerous and irresponsible, and if ingested, can also kill pets...and even people in the right dose.  It is the same active ingredient that is in rat poison.   

Poisons always bring up the question, “Is the mole gone?” The mole will die underground. Where did it come from when entering the property? How many are there? Is the poison worm still there? Again, poison worms are dangerous and irresponsible, and simply a waste of money. 

When trapping is the method that is used, a mole is caught and removed out of the ground, and off your property. You will be certain a mole has been eradicated by a picture verification texted or emailed to you, with a time and date stamp on the photo, and with your home in the background.  

Moles are mammals and DO NOT HIBERNATE. They will continue to search for food and they have to eat all Winter. The best time to trap mole is today. If the air temperature is about freezing, they are active daily and moving about.

Pricing for Mole Trapping and Removal is based on a setup fee and a per-mole catch fee. A large property and large problem area will call for more traps. How many moles do you have? Hard to say since the a majority of the tunnel is not seen, but you'd  be surprised at how much damage can be caused by a single mole. Pricing is not published online, but prices are given over the phone after brief discussion detailing the mole damage on your property.

Call for more information and getting on the schedule to have White River Lawn Care get rid of your mole problems. 417-880-9977

Jeff Nall - Owner / Lawncologist

The Mole Whisperer

aka The Mole-nator

Moles - adult and juvenile

Moles - adult and juvenile