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How knowledgeable is your lawn care provider?  Do they have the knowledge and professional experience to diagnose your problems, with both turf issues and shrubs, ornamentals, and trees? 

An educated and experienced applicator, with the best products available, and proper application rates and techniques, will  insure that products are applied and used in a responsible manner, and are safe for your family, as well as your pets.  We use a combination of Organic and Natural products along with traditional lawn care products.

Common Turf Problems:  Broadleaf weeds - dandelions, clover, henbit, bittercress, oxalis, spurge, etc.,  grub worms, lawn disease and fungus...

Shrub and Ornamental Tree Problems:  Prevention is the key to minimizing damage on plants: Japanese beetles, bagworms, spider mites, thrips, aphids, weevils, etc. 

Turf Fungus and Disease problems are quite common with our high humidity.  Brown Patch, Large Patch, Summer Patch, and Dollar Spot are a common fungus problems that are seen starting in late May, and can continue into  August or September, depending on weather conditions.  

Turf photos of clients lawns

Turf photos of clients lawns

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Is your lawn care provider licensed to apply?

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Brown Patch Fungus


Before Treatment


10 Days Later


Japanese Beetle Damage


Here is an example of a Contorted Filbert tree that went UN-TREATED for Japanese Beetles.  This is damage done with only one month of no treatment.